Easy-Care's purpose is to bring focus at caretaking for the residents by releasing time from administration tasks without jeopardizing the care home /home care resident's health or security.

Our Services

Easy-Care delivers a front-end mobile application that secure the individual caretaker an easy and secure way of handling caretaking. The back-end system is compatible with existing systems in the healthcare business and addresses the tasks provided by caretakers on the individual residents into the national health care system.


What does Easy-Care provide to the caretakers and their team leaders?

Release time from the administration burden for the caretakers.

Make the elderly residents feel like humans not inmates in a prison.

Simplify the registration process for the daily tasks for the elderly citizens

Bring Caretaking time back in the elderly care sector.

Easy and secure medication of the elderly care home residents

Bring AI and Machine learning into the registration tool a further simplify the administration process


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Our History

The foundation for Easy-Care took place in 2019 on a conference for IT-health professionals. A small company were presenting a care App that would basically make it easier for the caretaker to do their job in the elderly care sector. As the conference also presented the AI (Artificial intelligence) concept for the healthcare industry my idea for Easy – Care was founded.

Coming home filled with a concept that could help the caretakers to release time from administration to really care for the elderly people both on the care homes and in the homecare gave me an energy boost to start developing the concept. 

As Denmark and the Nordic country in total is very digitalized it was not difficult to see how it should be presented and tested towards the costumers.

Looking around in my family and seeing how the elderly part of the family was treated by the healthcare system, I realized that this was not the way I wanted to be treated when I was in for going at a care home or being treated by the homecare system.

Another thing I experienced by talking to caretakers was that it was very difficult to recruit people who acutely wanted to make a difference for our old citizens, was that it was a low prioritized job with little appeal for the younger generation. 

And the ones who started as caretakers would quickly change the job as what they have “signed” up for was not the administration part but the caretaking part which was no time for when the registration of the administration parts where done.