About Us

Easy Care’s mission is to bring focus at caretaking for the residents by releasing time from administration tasks without jeopardizing the nursing home resident’s health or security.

Easy Care ApS, Organization consist of:

CEO Mikael Thorsen – 25 years working in the IT-industry (IBM, Lenovo) handeling projects on services and software for both private and public sector.

CIO Robin Egeberg – 10 years working with Project management and sales (IKEA, Atea) on service and E-commerce for private and public sector

Development and Service – Working with the Nordic and Danish developers who are building and servicing the Easy Care system and application .

Our Services

Easy Care delivers and sells a front-end mobile application, and a back-end system to handle care information generated in the mobile app. The purpose of Easy Care is to release the caretaker from administration tasks and increasing life quality for residents in care homes and home care with more caretaking. The back-end system is compatible with existing national health care systems via the API.

What will Easy Care provide caretakers & residents in care homes?

  1. Release time from the administrational burden
  2. Easy and secure medication of the elderly care home residents
  3. Simplify the registration process for the daily tasks for the elderly citizens
  4. Bring AI and Machine learning into the registration tool and further simplify the administration process
  5. Make the elderly residents feel like they are being taking better care of
  6. Bring caretaking time back in the elderly care sector

Our History

The foundation of Easy Care took place in 2019, after having seen public cases of mistreatment at Danish care homes and speaking to relatives working in care homes and home care sector in Denmark.

My first impression was that if I was going to be old in a care home or taken care of in the home care sector I needed a solution that could help the caretakers release time from their administration tasks and gain the same caretakers time to really care for the elderly residents both on the care homes and in the homecare.

Since then, I and my cofounders have spent hours with software developers and representatives from the caretaker sector to develop a solution which will bring release into both caretaker’s work and the resident’s quality of life.

Under the idea and concept of Easy Care was created.

Founder Mikael Thorsen